Frequently Asked Questions

Peptides due to their nature come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Normally after the lyophilization process has completed we have a peptide that is in a perfect cake. However there are times when it may break in transit or simply appear differently. This is no way effects the quality or potency of the product. It is simply an aesthetic issue. While we do try to always present a product that looks perfect, on occasion this isn't possible. Proteins such as LR3 are very large in size and due to the requirement of a buffer will appear larger in size than a mod grf or ghrp. This is also normal.
None of the products sold on extremepeptides.com are for any use except for academic laboratory research and are therefore not made to be suitable for humans ingestion. If you ingest any peptide or research liquid purchased by extreme peptide then you subject yourself to serious health risks. If this happens, accidental or otherwise, please seek medical attention immediately. If the management or staff of Extreme Peptide believes that you have intentions of using any of our products in any manner other than their intended use outlined by our terms and conditions you will be subject to further order verification and order cancellation, up to being added to the no sell list.
We do not accept these payment methods. We are searching for alternate methods of payment to accept however these are not currently one of them. We can accept a Money order for payment. Please note that your order will not ship until we have received the money order.
We not only allow this but encourage it. If any customer of Certified Peptides wishes to conduct their own Mass-spec, Maldi-mass, AAA or HPLC testing on our products we will be happy to replace any products used in the testing. Simply furnish us with a copy of the results of the test and give us the order number that it was purchased on and we will replace the tested products for free. Certified Peptides is very confident in the products that we sell and an excellent way of showing this is through independent blind tests done by our customers.
All orders that qualify for points will receive them automatically. If you think you did not receive points on an order you were eligible for please send us an email and we will sort it out.
Yes, simply uncheck the box that says "Ship to the same address" below where billing information is entered and an area for shipping information will appear.
My CP Rewards points may only be redeemed toward product costs. My CP Rewards points cannot be applied to shipping and handling costs nor can the be applied to any taxes incurred on an order.
  1. When checking out, after entering your billing information and pressing continue, you will see 3 options for payment. Pay by Credit card, Gift Certificate or Pay with Customer rewards points.
  2. Select the third option to pay with points and enter the number of points you wish to apply towards this invoice. Points are calculated at 20:1 meaning that 20 My CP Rewards points are equal to $1.
  3. Hit submit and the system will automatically deduct the proper amount from your total balance due.
  4. After adding the points you must then proceed to another payment method to pay the balance that is left over including any shipping costs.
  5. Pay the remaining balance and click submit and you're done!
Peptides due to their fragile nature should immediately be refrigerated upon receiving them. Peptides which will be stored for 3 months or more should be kept in a freezer. For under 3 months refrigeration is perfectly fine. Research Liquids should not be refrigerated.
We do not carry any type of solvents. We have no intentions of carrying them in the future either.